Safety Language?

“The popular safety languages are C++, Java, C#, VB and Delphi.” – Kevin Barnes

I disagree with one part of that: VB is not a safety language. Rather, I would say “Visual Basic is a danger language.” It has the verbosity and cumbersomeness of a safety language, but does not give the one important benefit of a safety language: safety. It’s just plain dangerous. Hello Variant–can we say “not type-safe?” By definition, a safety language should enforce type safety, which VB does not do.

To be fair, I have not used VB.Net, but who would when they can use C# (a true safety language)? Personally, I prefer freedom.

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- Zoe

Hey Daniel…

Just thought I’d give you comment since you loooove them so much 🙂 I have to say that your blog doesn’t really pertain to me but I had fun reading it anyway. I like when you are sarcastic! Alright, have a good one!


Zoe Dawn

P.S.I used VB in my computer programming class…but just the very basic stuff. I probably don’t even remember it anymore!

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