ThunderBayes 0.1.1

Download the latest version from the Extension Mirror (I’m still waiting for it to be approved on Mozilla Update).

This release is a minimal update: ThunderBayes how displays a progress bar while messages are being processed.

However, I will note that I am very pleased with the results of using the extension. Before I started using ThunderBayes I got 10 to 15 spam emails in my inbox per day. Now I get one or two! All due to a simple and convenient method of training SpamBayes.

4 Responses to “ThunderBayes 0.1.1”

- Al

This sounds very cool. I’ll try to make time to give it a try over the break.

- Scott D

This is a great add-in for Thunderbird. I have an email account that was used for public discussion lists etc for many years that gets over 600 spam emails every day. The built-in TB spam filter was too timid and a waste of time. My personal email goes to Outlook using SpamBayes, and I hardly ever see any spam survive in the inbox. Now, I can have that same quality filtering in TB without setting up TB as a proxy, which is a bit of a hassle in my situation. Thanks for the great add-in!

- Tony

Top job,

It took me a while to decide to make the leap from Outlook to Thunderbird, the so, so built in spam filtration or the need to fiddle with an external proxy to enable SpamBayes being one of the main reasons for hesitation.

Although I had some initial trouble because I did not read the instructions, which resulted in me running the SpamBayes proxy both externally and internally (doh), after realising my blunder the ThunderBayes add-in is working perfectly. Without the facility to mark mail that it offers, I am not sure I would be quite so happy with sticking with Thunderbird .

What a tool! Thank you.

- Fr33d0m

Would be usable if there were some way to un-mark messages it wrongly think are spam