PogoPlayer – Known Issues and Annoyances

The source switch is nice because it allows a single input source to play at a time. However it’s inconvenient to open up a web browser to make the switch. My 4th generation iTouch is a little slow to launch a browser these days, so it takes longer than I’d like to do this. Luckily it’s not something I do often, so it’s mostly just an annoyance. A physical switch would be nice as well, but probably hard to implement. Auto-switching when an audio signal is detected could be nice if implemented correctly. Maybe I’ll try to do that sometime.

Various operations such as changing sample rate, input source, or turning off squeezelite cause a click in the output—sounds like the waveform got chopped. It’s not terribly loud, but it doesn’t sound nice. I’m not sure what would need to change to fix this issue. Maybe it’s something in the way I have ALSA configured?

Cannot listen to sample rates above 48KHz (or any rate not supported by the UCA-202). A different sound card that supports more/higher sample rates would be one way to fix this issue. Another solution would be to bring resampling back into ALSA, but that is likely going to be tricky (it should not resample when the rate is supported by the sound card); probably not an ideal solution.

Latency is an issue when there’s video involved. It is low enough that it’s barely noticeable when watching TV, but it’s not perfect. I looked into using JACK, but the PogoPlug does not have hardware floating point support, so that doesn’t seem to be an option. Eliminating dmix definitely helped. I’d be interested in tips on how to reduce latency even more. Setting the various latency options for squeezelite and/or alsaloop below 50ms, or even 100ms in some cases, results in choppy sound and high CPU load. Maybe other adjustments are needed as well to bring latency down?

Very high latency with AirPlay streams. ShairPort seems to have pretty nasty latency. Maybe I don’t have it configured correctly? Maybe this is inherent in the AirPlay protocol? This is not an issue when listening to music in iTunes. But watching a video is agonizing. It would be nice if this could be improved, but it’s not a high priority for me at this time.

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