PogoPlayer – Debian Wheezy on the PogoPlug

Initially I installed Andrew’s VAMP image from the SqueezeBox for under $30 tutorial. Many thanks to Andrew for writing that tutorial. Without it, I doubt I would have started this project. But the VAMP does not support my WiFi dongle (at least not out of the box). I also didn’t like the find-my-VAMP web service, which periodically dialed home to myvortextbox.com with the IP and MAC addresses of my PogoPlug. In hindsight I realize that the WiFi driver probably could have been installed in the VAMP image, but my initial research led me to believe that I needed a 3.x Linux kernel. Many hours on the Debian forums over at doozan.com finally got me up and running on Debian Wheezy with a 3.2.0 kernel.

Enable SSH on the PogoPlug and flash the uBoot. WARNING be sure to have your PogoPlug connected to a stable power source while flashing the uBoot. If it loses power during that process it could become your next door stop (bricked). The forums at doozan.com, especially davygravy’s post on uBoot, should have all the information you need in this department.

My PogoPlug would not boot with a 3.x kernel when I set the “machid” uBoot environment variable. I spent hours trying to figure this out. With netconsole enabled I could watch the device start up and load the kernel and initramfs images, but then it would just hang. There were no boot logs in /var/log, so I had no idea what was causing it to hang. It was only through trial and error that I finally arrived at the solution, which was to remove “machid” from the uBoot environment.

fw_setenv machid # clear machid
fw_setenv arcNumber 3542 # set arcNumber

I also set the “arcNumber” to “3542”, the appropriate value for my E02 PogoPlug, which is supposed to make the light on the front change colors depending on the boot status (with appropriate scripts). It does not work though. I believe it would require a recompiled kernel to fix it, but it doesn’t matter enough to me to go to that bother.

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