A Short History

My name is Daniel Miller. I live in a nice little town called Landisville with my wife/best friend Natalie. We have a beautiful daughter named Alice. We also have a Zebra finche named Howard and Silverbill finche named Charlie, who brighten our days with their enthusiastic chirping. After graduating from Donegal High School in 1998, I worked for a year. First I installed vinyl siding and aluminum fascia for On-the-Level Siding of Manheim, PA. Then I worked as a production line supervisor for Reifen Rubber, also in Manheim. Next I ended up in Texas at LeTourneau University. Luckily I changed my major from Flight Science (I thought I wanted to be a commercial pilot) to Computer Science and Engineering before I ever got there. Now I am employed as a software developer for TCW Computer Systems, Inc., a small company between Mount Joy and Manheim. I have worked there full time since I graduated from LeTourneau in the Spring of 2003. I love my job–so much that sometimes on Friday I wish I could go back to work on Saturday–I know, I’m not normal. My friend and co-worker Tim Langeman was kind enough to allow me to use some of his web space to host this blog. Thanks Tim!

Non-Computer-Related Hobbies

When weather permits, I enjoy riding bicycle. Since Natalie and I decided to buy a house I have been riding my bicycle to work as well, which I really enjoy. Not only does it save gas, but it keeps me in shape and makes me feel better about myself. I’d recommend it to anyone who can do it. I like to play odd (and some not-so-odd) games with friends from church and work. In the winter when it’s too cold to ride bike I usually read something un-computer-related to keep me sane. Some of the books I have read are:

  • Great Expectations – Dickens (Summer/Fall 2003)
  • A Tale of Two Cities – Dickens (Summer/Fall 2003)
  • Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis (Winter 2003/2004)
  • The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis (Winter 2003/2004)
  • The Idiot – Dostoyevsky (Winter 2004/2005)
  • War and Peace – Tolstoy (Winter 2004/2005)
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Adams (Summer 2005)
  • Crime and Punishment – Dostoyevsky (Fall 2005)
  • The Count of Monte Cristo – Dumas (Winter 2005/2006)
  • The Three Musketteers – Dumas (Winter 2005/2006)
  • Twenty Years After – Dumas (Winter/Spring 2006)
  • Candles Behind the Wall – Von der Heydt (Spring/Summer 2006)
  • The Sun Also Rises – Hemmingway (Summer 2006)

Pieces of Mind

I need to apologize up front for the very slow rate at which I post new entries on this blog. There are two primary reasons for this slowness:

  1. My insatiable appetite for learning new things about computer programming takes up so much of my non-work computer time that I don’t often have, take or make time to write.
  2. Owning a house and having a daughter takes a lot of time that I shouldn’t be spending doing other things (yes, I said that right).

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are my own and not those of my employer (or anyone else for that matter). Some of them are just rants about present frustrations. Others are things that I need to think out-loud about and are not necessarily set in stone. Still others are things that I hope have lasting value and meaning for someone other than myself.


If you wish to discuss or debate my writings, please post a comment or send an email. I will try to respond to any well-thought-out argument in a rational manner–time permitting. I reserve the right to define the meaning of "well-thought-out". I also reserve the right to remove any content or comment posted on this blog at my own discretion.