Low-cost scalable ACID compliant transactions

Yale researchers have published a paper and blog entry about a system they have developed that they claim can match Oracle and DB2 at TPC-C performance on commodity hardware and open-source software.

Link: A Brief History of the Corporation: 1600 to 2100


Finally got around to finishing this rather long but very intriguing article on the history of the corporation. The points near the end on time are excellent. Must remember this.

Why PyPy / RPython is interesting

A long, worthwhile read: http://tratt.net/laurie/tech_articles/articles/fast_enough_vms_in_fast_enough_time

Including this astonishing and too-often accurate comment about TDD: “tests are a poor substitute for documentation, typically combining a wealth of low-level detail with a lack of any obvious high-level intent.” This probably has more to do with the constraints under which the test was written than it does with TDD in general. Given the inherent difficulty in writing a test that, in addition to verifying program correctness, is also suitably clear to provide documental value, it is not surprising that most developers favor correctness since the benefit of documentation is not usually realized as quickly.

let other people be right and have their way as much as possible


Why do Languages Die

Article: Why do Languages Die via Ian Bicking


Article: Over-parenting

Install distribute, pip, virtualenv without sudo

I’ve been thinking of writing this up for a while. Nick did it first. Yay!

Bootstrapping a Python Virtual Environment

The Way We Teach Math, Sciences, and Languages Is Wrong

Excellent article via @ianbicking. Many of the comments are excellent as well. Unfortunately his neat anecdote about learning how easy it was to learn French with a new method was diminished by the fact that he had five years of previous schooling on the subject.